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Based on the Requirement of various companies Grassroots Consultancy is working for freelancer, will identify appropriate persons through his source and shortlist appropriate candidates to grassroots for Face to Face interviews with the company at Wz 508 c, 2nd Floor, Basai Darapur, Ramesh Nagar 110015 or any other center of Grassroots Consultancy as would deem appropriate.

To facilitate the above freelancer, shall Designate Executive/s who will be a person of contact or shall contact himself to facilitate day to day coordination as would deem appropriate.

Grassroots Consultancy will provide time to time feedback for candidates provided by freelancer, and would also keep a track of the candidate's movement till the date of the receipt of the commission payable from its clients as per the days given under

Fee Payable Section. Freelancer can also keep a track of the movements for its selected candidates till the date the payment is received from Grassroots Consultancy as per the terms mentioned under the section fee payable in this agreement.

Sharing Information :

Grassroots Cosultancy would also require to share the actual pay per candidate received from each of its client company from time to time with freelancer.

Grassroots Cosultancy would also require to share schedule date of interviews which would be conducted by each of its client company from time to time with freelancer, and also the changes in the interview dates if any.

Grassroots Cosultancy would also require to share any information from time to time which it deems fit to be shared with freelancer.

Fee Payable:

Upon selection of the candidate by the company or Grassroots Consultancy client, Grassroots Consultancy will pay 50% of the payment received per candidate from its client company to freelancer, after successful completion of 90 days of the candidate in the company or Grassroots Consultancy client.

Payment from Grassroots Consultancy to freelancer, would be completed withinsecond week after the third month completion from the date of the selection of the candidate in respect of each of the client company of Grassroots Consultancy

Either Cheque'scan be issued to freelancer, in the name of "Enter Details."Payable at New Delhi or through online transfer to the "Enter Details" Bank Account as mention below based on the request by freelancer, to Grassroots Consultancy from time to time as deemed fit based on the circumstances faced by freelancer.

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